Friday, May 16, 2008

Internships in Mongolia

Interested in doing an internship in Mongolia? More and more organizations are awakening to the idea of offering internships to undergraduate and graduate students. The Asia Foundation, for example, has offered internships working on their responsible mining initiative for the last two years. The World Bank also offers an internship program in its Ulaanbaatar office. As the ACMS gets wind of these internship opportunities, we generally post them to the announcements section of our main website.

The ACMS, too, has developed an internship program. Since 2007 the center has hosted 5 interns who have worked on improving accessibility to information about Mongolia. These interns have worked on compiling and organizing information resources in a variety of topics, from health education to the Mongol Empire in the Middle East. Given the practical constraint of geography, not all the interns have actually worked out the ACMS office. Currently one intern works from Khovd Province, and this summer the center will work with an intern from Wisconsin. The ACMS is a fairly hip organization, so we are taking advantage of the tremendous power of the internet to harness the passion and energy of young scholars no matter where they may live.

Those interested in learning more about the internship program should check the internship page on our main website.

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