Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ulaanbaatar: This Weekend Seattle with Soviet Architecture

It has been raining in Ulaabaatar all weekend, and the streets are beginning to show signs of flooding. It's nothing bad at this point, but the city has taken on a what-if-Seattle-were-a-Soviet-city sort of feel. For those of you unfamiliar with Seattle weather or the Soviet Union, what I am implying is it's dreary upon a backdrop of soulless architecture. But, it is dreary and soulless in a polished sense. Usually Ulaanbaatar projects a drab hue of industrial blackish yellow and concrete gray. It is not pleasant on the eyes. Wash it for several days, as has occurred this weekend, and it takes on a glossy industrial blackish yellow and glossy concrete gray like a wet stone. It looks like a Soviet Seattle. Dreary, yet glossy, and, honestly, still not all that pleasant on the eyes.

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