Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lattimore Colllection Grows

As part of preparing for the upcoming Lattimore conference, the ACMS Library made an attempt to purchase all of Lattimore's books to include in the library collection. Previously the collection contained only about 4 of Lattimore's 19 books (at least that's how many we've counted so far). With support from the ACMS Library Development Fund, 0ur library was able to purchase 18 books and several other materials related to Lattimore. We were unable to find one book titled "The Diluv Khutagt: Memoirs and autobiography of a Mongol Buddhist reincarnation in religion and revolution." If you know of an available copy somewhere in the world, please let us know at so we can complete the collection.

The missing book notwithstanding, the ACMS Library may be able to claim, unsubstantiated with any real evidence, only a gut feeling, that it is the most comprehensive public collection of Lattimore's work available in Mongolia. As an exciting bonus, the Lattimore Family has also donated digital copies of all of Owen Lattimore's photos housed at the Peabody Museum at Harvard University and photos from David Lattimore's visit to Mongolia in 1964 to the ACMS Library collection. In terms of photographic history, this is also arguably the best collection of materials related to Owen Lattimore in Mongolia.

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