Thursday, December 4, 2008

Job Opening Starting June 2009 - ACMS Resident Director

The ACMS is currently seeking a Resident Director to take over the management of the UB office starting sometime after June 2009. I will continue to be involved in the ACMS in other capacities after the new Resident Director takes the reins.

My wife and I are tentatively planning to move to Madison, WI to begin academic programs in fall 2009. There are not many places you can move from and look a Badger in the eye saying "Your winters are downright tropical." But, Mongolia happens to be one of those places. I look forward to saying that often in Wisconsin.

At any rate, those interested in applying for the Resident Director position should take a look at the full announcement on the ACMS website. Also, please send on the announcement to people you think might be qualified for the position.

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