Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buddhism in Mongolia: Rebirth and Transformation

Smith College will host a symposium on Mongolian Buddhism at the end of March. The main organizer of the event participated in the CIEE study seminar managed by the ACMS last summer, and I gather that the trip had some impact on the content of the symposium. Smith College is a liberal arts college for women in western Massachusetts, and it is encouraging to see that interest in Mongolia is finding its way to new corners of the world. Given the people involved, I think those interested in Buddhism and particularly Mongolian Buddhism would be disappointed to miss this event. More information is available on the Smith College website at Buddhism in Mongolia: Rebirth and Transformation. The photo on the website of the fallen statue has an amusing backstory, so those who attend the symposium should ask Jamie Hubbard to tell the story of the world's worst ger camp redeemed by warmish beer and wine.

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Jamie Hubbard said...

Hi-- the seminar had a major impact on this, in that I signed on for the seminar because of my plans for this conference, but even more so in another event taking place at the same time, a Kahn Institute project titled Reinventing Eurasian Identities: Ghengis Khan Revisited (A Khan Kahn) (
and another exhibit by a well-known photographer: Crossroads Mongolia: Photographs by Frank Ward ( There is still some space if you can make it, Brian. Munkh-Erdene arrives Tuesday. . .