Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mongolian Statistical Yearbook

As a superb example of information about Mongolia being available but not practically accessible, one of our interns this summer has come across the URL for an electronic version of the Mongolian Statistical Yearbook at the National Statistics Office. You'll note that the URL has no domain name but rather an IP address. It has not been indexed by Google, so although the document is on the Web, you have to know where it is to find and use it. Makes me wonder how many other useful documents are just floating out there at http://randomIPaddress/?

Check out the yearbook at


yan said...

You can find some statistics at www. Maybe the 2007 yearbook might also be accessible from there?

Anonymous said...

SO Great! How did you find it?
Thanks a lot.

Amianan said...

your post helped me a lot!
thanks for this

franith said...

Does anyone still have a copy of this pdf? The link seems to have gone down. Please email me if you do - franith at gmail. Thanks!