Saturday, July 5, 2008

President Gives Public Statement

President Enkhbayar gave a public statement on MNB just before the state of emergency was set to expire last night. It was a conciliatory statement aimed at appealing to people's sense of duty to do what is right for the common good of the country. He asked in a very Kennedy-esque style for people to think about how they can serve Mongolia and not how Mongolia can serve them personally in this time of crisis. He also stressed that Mongolia, especially its leaders, needs "sharp intellects" and not "sharp rocks" to solve the problems of the country. He also stated that the current government would investigate alleged irregularities in the election and work to ensure that the final results are accepted and legitimate. He called on everyone to learn how to make a fair and equitable culture at all levels of society. In general he asked that Mongolia move forward and learn from this experience.

The full transcript is on the website in Mongolian: President Enkhbayar's Statement.

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