Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photos of the Day After

The streets of Ulaanbaatar are quiet, but the fact that armored personnel carriers with soldiers armed with AK-47s are standing at major intersections around the center of town reminds one that something terrible happened here last night. At least one rumor I have seen in print can be debunked. The rioters did not set fires on Sukhbaatar Square or anywhere near the Chinggis Khaan monument, or least this morning there was no evidence of this. The Cultural Palace is indeed gutted, and the losses at the National Gallery and the philharmonic are allegedly significant.

The pictures below show some of the damage caused by the rioters. The MPRP building and the Cultural Palace can be seen burnt in one of the pictures, and there are several vehicles burned out as well.

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Alec said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Brian. Stay safe.